Recipes and Non-Cook Dinner Party

16th Aug 2012 @ 05:45 by Bill

Here's an email we received from a club member who had her non-cook husband use our recipes and wine pairings to create a dinner party. Great job Mary Lee, thanks for sharing.

Hi Dawn and Jen and others,

I will try to keep to the facts, but lots of other details go into this story...

In May, I needed surgery, so we didn't make the pickup party and picked our wine up on another day. In the meantime, at school the president of my Parents Club talked me into auctioning with her a meal for 4. Good idea, except it became 8. So then the menu search.... and so back to May Wine Club recipes.

We served as first course the frittata, second course a spring salad, third course the butterfly pasta, fourth course the panko chicken and fifth course tiramisu.

We bought all the wines you suggested for each course. This was last Saturday, anyway I was still out of commission, chemo now, so my husband had to make frittata and help serve, etc. in my place.

From the comments, it was fabulous. The menus were easy and the guests loved it, including a winemaker who was part of the group that I didn't know about.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how we used your menus and recipes to raise $700 for our school and serve a great meal to a great group.

Thank you so very much,
Mary Lee