Naming Frisky Riesling - The Kittens Meow

In December 2021 we were closed - everyone was closed because the pandemic had us all in full lockdown.

Then we received this email from Amina, a long time wine club member and friend:

Hi Bill, - When I saw you at the Oct pickup party you mentioned you were looking for a name for a new Riesling. It’s probably too late now but I thought of a perfect name (in my opinion) - you should name it Frisky! I think it works perfectly for a Riesling because it’s a fun and “jumpy” wine that has a lot of energy. And frisky works with your romance/love themed naming! Anyway just wanted to pass it along. Hope you and the family are well.

Amina had perfectly described our Riesling, even before tasting it.

However, we had tasted it and we knew Amina was right on target!

Frisky was created and became the first white wine in our May 2021 club shipment which Amina would also receive.

Then Amina sent me a second email . . .

Hi Bill, - We missed the May pick up parties (you guys sold out soooo fast) so picked up our May shipment today and was beyond thrilled to see the name of the new Riesling! It literally made my entire pandemic!!

I didn’t mention that I adopted three rescue kittens during the lockdown so that’s why I had frisky on the brain! Now they are immortalized on your wine! So love it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Amina and the kittens

Amina - Thank you for rescuing those little cuties and for suggesting "Frisky" for the Riesling - the name is purrfect!