Inspired Burger - Yum Yum Yum

22nd Feb 2011 @ 05:06 by Bill

Club Members from Ohio took advantage of a break in the weather to have some kitchen fun with the Inspired Burger. Here's what they had to say:

Yum, yum, yum!!

We had a much needed shot of warm weather this past week in Ohio! So it was the perfect time to uncover the grill!

alt text

We invited family over and shared our dream of an early spring.

Everyone loved the burgers!

We even shared the 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon!

We added garlic fries and an apple pie.

It was perfect! This recipe is a keeper! . . . Cheers! . . . Leslie B

Thanks Leslie. That burger recipe is so gooood that we cooked it again on Sunday as well. It is absolutely worth the whole bottle of Merlot for the meat.

It is great to see the whole family gathered around the table together, enjoying our recipe and our wines. That’s exactly what Dawn and I wanted to accomplish when we decided to make wine. Food and wine, family and friends - it just works!

Inspired and irresistible! Your May shipment will have an extra bottle of Merlot with my complements. Enjoy, Bill