Healdsburg ~ Fire Update

1st Nov 2019 @ 14:56 by Bill

We are very happy to announce that our staff, friends and family in Healdsburg are settled back home. Thank you so much to everyone for the support and well wishes over the last week. Every phone call, email, text and message from all over the world was appreciated, helping us through crazy times by realizing how many people love us and what we do.

A massive thank you is in order for all of the first responders who did such a great job in protecting our city! There were times last week where the city seemed almost doomed, but with the community evacuated the fire fighters made an incredible stand even with wind gusts of over 100 mph. Truly impressive - thank you!

Now that the ash is gone we invite everyone in to come and see us starting this Sunday, November 3rd. We will be open for normal tastings at the 134 Matheson location from 11 am to 7 pm. We will also offer half off wines-by-the-glass for our members at the new Bill's Cellar location at 20 Matheson through next Friday.

Please come see us soon and we look forward to having a glass with you!