February 2020 Wine Club News

We have released new wines and our culinary team have created new recipes to pair with the wines. Cook a little with the recipes and spices; try the exquisite cheeses; have a great February.

Click on the wine, cheese, recipe or spice for more information. To watch our chefs prepare the recipe click on the red arrow.

White Wines of February 2020

###[***Chantilly* Chardonnay 2018**](https://williamsonwines.com/product/chantilly-chardonnay-2018) RECIPE PAIRED WITH THIS WINE: - ***[French Mustard Chicken](https://williamsonwines.com/recipe/french-mustard-chicken) ***    [ ](https://www.youtube.com/embed/tpyR_wwFqLg) SPICES WE USED IN THIS RECIPE: - *** [Lemon & Herb Pepper](https://williamsonwines.com/product/lemon-and-herb-pepper)*** CHEESE PAIRED WITH THIS WINE: - ***[Red Dragon with Mustard Seed](https://williamsonwines.com/product/red-dragon-with-mustard-seed)***
###[***Caress* Cuvee Blanc 2018**](https://williamsonwines.com/product/caress-cuvee-blanc-2018) RECIPE PAIRED WITH THIS WINE: - ***[Crab Fritters with Spicy Aoli](https://williamsonwines.com/recipe/crab-fritters-with-spicy-aoli) ***    [ ](https://www.youtube.com/embed/FVlXQJKwzwU) SPICES WE USED IN THIS RECIPE: - *** [Portuguese Seasoning](https://williamsonwines.com/product/portuguese-seasoning) *** CHEESE PAIRED WITH THIS WINE: - ***[Ewenique](https://williamsonwines.com/product/ewenique)***
### [***Gertie* Gewurztraminer 2018**](https://williamsonwines.com/product/gertie-gewurztraminer) RECIPE PAIRED WITH THIS WINE: - ***[Salt Baked Whole Fish with Lemon and Herbs](https://williamsonwines.com/recipe/salt-baked-whole-fish-with-lemon-and-herbs) ***    [ ](https://www.youtube.com/embed/gIaR3IujP9k) SPICES WE USED IN THIS RECIPE: - *** [Catch of the Day](https://williamsonwines.com/product/catch-of-the-day)*** CHEESE PAIRED WITH THIS WINE: - *** [Grazin' Girl ](https://williamsonwines.com/product/grazin-girl)***

Red Wines of February 2020

###[***Heritage* Shiraz 2016**](https://williamsonwines.com/product/heritage-shiraz-2016) RECIPE PAIRED WITH THIS WINE: - *** [Spicy Korean Chicken Wings](https://williamsonwines.com/recipe/spicy-korean-chicken-wings) ***    [ ](https://www.youtube.com/embed/7CG2Ozrqhrs) SPICES WE USED IN THIS RECIPE: - ***[Sesame Seeds (toasted)](https://williamsonwines.com/product/toasted-sesame-seeds) + [Korean Red Pepper Flakes](https://williamsonwines.com/product/korean-red-pepper-flakes) + [Sesame Seed Black (whole)](https://williamsonwines.com/product/sesame-seed-black-whole)*** CHEESE PAIRED WITH THIS WINE: - ***[Black Butte Reserve ](https://williamsonwines.com/product/black-butte)***
###[***Entice* Cuvee 2016**](https://williamsonwines.com/product/entice-cuvee-2016) RECIPE PAIRED WITH THIS WINE: - ***[Cajun Shrimp and Grits](https://williamsonwines.com/recipe/cajun-shrimp-and-grits) ***    [ ](https://www.youtube.com/embed/opi42-3NR9g) SPICES WE USED IN THIS RECIPE: - *** [Cajun Spice Mix ](https://williamsonwines.com/product/cajun-spice-mix-45) *** CHEESE PAIRED WITH THIS WINE: - ***[Nerina](https://williamsonwines.com/product/nerina)***
###[***Amour* Merlot 2016 **](https://williamsonwines.com/product/amour-merlot-2016) RECIPE PAIRED WITH THIS WINE: - ***[Chocolate Raspberry Cake](https://williamsonwines.com/recipe/chocolate-raspberry-cake-with-pink-peppercorns-and-creme-fraiche) ***   [ ](https://www.youtube.com/embed/Fumm1F5IGxc) SPICES WE USED IN THIS RECIPE: - *** [Pink Peppercorns](https://williamsonwines.com/product/peppercorns-pink-schinus-whole) *** CHEESE PAIRED WITH THIS WINE: - ***[Oakdale Aged Gouda ](https://williamsonwines.com/product/oakdale-gouda) ***

Bills Cellar Wine of February 2020

###[**Standish *The Relic* Shiraz 2017**](https://williamsonwines.com/product/the-relic-shiraz-2017) We have bagged the big one here! Our old pal Dan Standish, a 6th generation Barossan winemaker says "this 2017 vintage carries an elegance akin to a Northern Rhone offering" and his legendary "Relic" Shiraz is a result, scoring 94 points from Nick Stock for JamesSuckling.com. We were lucky enough to have dinner with Dan and while drinking a couple of wines we secured a few cases of this wine for Bill's Cellar. Enjoy it alone - it's just too good to share.

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