Epicurean Dinner in Peoria IL

29th Sep 2014 @ 19:30 by Bill

Dawn, Sam and I have been visiting wine club members around the country with Epicurean Dinners in Newport Beach, Chicago, Nashville and others.

We even traveled to Peoria, yes - Peoria to join wine club members Joe and Janet who were so generous to open their beautiful home in support of their local charity The Crittenton Centers Crisis Nursery.

The Crittenton Center volunteers focus on ensuring children are safe, parenting skills are increased and family stability is improved. Not a handout at all but definitely a hand up.

We performed a wine tasting and an Epicurean Dinner using a local chef. The Who's Who of Peoria joined us to support this incredible charity that provides child abuse prevention services for infants and young children.

Joe opened his home, his wine cellar, his wallet and his heart for this fantastic charity and his neighbors and friends came to the party, having fun while supporting a great cause.

Our thanks to Joe and Janet, we were honored to help you support the wonderful work of The Crittenton Center.