Bill's Message on the 2022 Economy

Inflation has landed squarely on our economy. We notice this at the gas pump, in the supermarket and we certainly see cost increases in every sector of our daily lives.

There are plenty of reasons for this. We can blame Covid or Russia or the supply-chain or the Government but the fact remains that prices are going up everywhere.

For many years now we have maintained our prices at what we considered a fair level. We have resisted passing on any increase and always focused on delivering value to our club member customers.

In order to continue delivering a range of quality oriented natural wines that are as good for you as they taste we are faced with the need to slightly increase the price of some of our wines.

We will not use global rising prices simply as a way to make more money because our business has always been a partnership with our member customers so we are honoring that partnership by limiting price increases to about $5.00 per bottle at list price.

Club members will see a slight rise of $3.00 to $4.00 per bottle, far less than current inflationary trends; in fact we have kept several wines at their original prices.

To help carry the extra cost, club members who pick up their wine will continue to be invited to a complimentary four course wine lunch each quarter.

Those members who have their wine shipped may elect for our free delivery option which will save them much more than the extra few dollars this inflation has necessitated.

We will also be offering special pricing “Packs” via email and social media throughout the year to help you keep an economical supply of “the good stuff.”

We hope 2022 brings peace and happiness to you and your family and please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Dawn, Bill, Sam and the entire team at Williamson Wines.