Williamson White Wines

White wines are often considered refreshing. Light in style they retain good acidity to manage foods that have oils, fats and creams.

In choosing the Williamson white wines to make we focused on the whites have been grown in premier wine regions of France for centuries, that have been internationally accepted by the world wine community and that will grow successfully in our Northern California vineyards.

White Wines of Bordeaux

Sauvignon Blanc grapes produce our precise dry, drink-it-now fresh white Bordeaux-style wine.

Joy & Stone Crab

Our single-vineyard single-varietal called Joy is crisp and elegant with grapefruit and citrus flavors on the nose rolling on to a beautiful ripe honeydew melon in the mouth.

The slight mineral structure reminds one of limestone and hints at the wine's food pairing value as it lingers past the finish to leave you wanting more.

Semillon grapes, underrated in much of the world, can produce arguably much more interesting, subtle and long-lived dry white wines.

We do produce very small amounts of this intriguing, full-bodied wine with a satisfying combination of citrus, honey and grassiness which we use to blend with our Chardonnay to create a Chablis version called Chantilly.

White Wines of Burgundy

Chardonnay, the most famous vine variety of all, can produce wines as different as Chablis, Blanc de Blancs Champagne, Meursault, Montrachet, all different and all magnificent wines.

D&B at Montrachet

New world vineyards have also produced regional varietal Chardonnays as dissimilar as a fat California rendition or the new, austere Australian Chardonnays.

The key to serious quality in a California Chardonnay is climate.

The coastal fogs visit our Dry Creek Valley vineyards during Summer months to slow down the ripening process, extending the growing season of this early ripening variety.

Keeping our yields low allows us to produce some very fine Chardonnay vintages with considerable Burgundian savor, but also easily approachable.

Williamson produce three Chardonnay wines:

Williamson adopted a style for Chardonnay to express the fruit. Made traditionally by barrel fermenting in French oak, both the amount of new oak and malolactic fermentation are restricted producing a Chardonnay that is leaner and more refreshing than typical American Chardonnays.

White Wines of Alsace

Riesling the world's most misunderstood grape variety and the noblest variety of Alsace, France's most Germanic region. Our Riesling, aptly named Frisky is grown and made in the Alsace style, a bone dry, steely wine with good acid; apple, citrus, and peach aromas, perfect for Asian foods.

Gertie glass & bottle

Gewürztraminer with its slightly pink grape color, made in the Alsace style, as we do, shows a deep golden color and that unmistakable exotic, tropical lychee nut aroma.

We named this beautifully aromatic dry white wine Gerty and with just the illusion of sweetness and medium to low acidity it is a perfect food wine.

Because Gewurz ripens so fast, it needs to be planted somewhere relatively cool so our vineyard is beside the always-cold Russian River where it develops its desirable aromas of grapefruit, peach and cantaloupe.

Chilled, this wine serves well by itself as an aperitif and will pair with zesty-flavored fare like BBQ chicken wings and will certainly go well with spicy dishes using chicken or fish but this is not a wine to take second place to food so pair it with something hearty like a Bleu d'Auvergne French blue cheese.

White Wines of Rhone

Viognier - Vee-uhn-yay - A silky, aromatic varietal originally from the southeastern Rhone area of France. It's full bodied, with a slight viscous texture, and shows an aroma of apricots, honeysuckle and ripe peaches.

Frolic Viognier

Named Frolic our Viognier evokes playful feelings with its honeysuckle aroma and light, honey flavor. It just smells and tastes like Summer.

Roussanne is a Northern Rhône variety which produces aromas of fresh flowers, peaches, herbs, pears, spice, roasted nuts and hints of pepper.

Our Relish Roussanne wine is a wonderfully austere fine wine and Bill relished the thought that his Roussanne deserved its own label.

Caress Cuvée Blanc is the Williamson equivalent of an oak-aged Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc.

Created from blending the Viognier and Roussanne wines it has an inviting golden color. On the nose a lovely fresh spring floral bouquet ending with a just a waft of honeysuckle. In the mouth a nice hint of fruit flavor, perhaps white peach and honeydew melon.