Frolic Viognier

The color combined with powerful floral and fruit aromas of Viognier suggest a sweet wine but it is predominantly dry with low acidity. The wine is meant to be consumed relatively young and may lose its perfume as it ages, peaking at one year of age up to a maximum of seven years (Pronounced Vee-on-yay).

Williamson Frolic Viognier ®

A lovely bright color and a delightful nose of honeysuckle, apricot and pine nut. The palate is delicious with delicate peach and apricot fruit combined with nicely balancing acidity.

The highly aromatic and fruit forward nature of this wine will pair well with spicy foods such as Thai or Vietnamese cuisine. The subtle floral notes make it a perfect match with sushi and sashimi.

About Frolic Viognier ®

The Viognier grape is somewhat difficult to grow, disliking damp conditions or humid climates and liking a lot of sun but not too much heat. It is imperative for it to be harvested at the perfect point of maturity to show its unique, honeysuckle-apricot-orange aroma and creamy flavor characteristics.

Because it has a tendency to develop high sugar but low acid it can produce wines with neutral flavor and high alcohol. With correct terroir and vinification we have addressed these problems but the rarity of quality Viognier and the associated extra growing and production costs makes it relatively expensive to produce.

With its potential for tropical fruit flavors and creamy mouthfeel we designate a little wood aging in French Oak barrels for our Frolic Viognier. This makes it a little more full-bodied with a more distinctive fruit character, all delivered via a deep golden color and rich and intense flavor.

Pairing Food with Frolic Viognier ®

Frolic shows honeysuckle on the nose with a touch of apricot in the center pallet and a perfect dry finish. It will work best paired with foods having the following characteristics.

  • Texture – Soft to Medium
  • Flavor - Stone fruit flavors
  • Spice – Medium to high spice content
  • Loves – Apricot and Curry

Perfect paired with spicy dishes, such as spicy oriental stir-frys and curry, especially Thai-style made with coconut milk. Also think of fruit salsas or sliced peaches or apricots, atop grilled fish or chicken, which Frolic will transform into heaven in your mouth.  More . . . 

Background of Frolic Viognier ®

In 1965 only twenty acres of Viognier grape existed in its Northern Rhône homeland appellation of Condrieu where the grape had grown for at least 2000 years.

Legend says its name is from the Roman pronunciation of the via Gehennae, meaning the "road to Hell", referring to the difficulty of growing this grape because it is prone to powdery mildew, has low and unpredictable yields and should be picked only when fully ripe, preferring a sunny but elongated growing season.

We grow our Viognier in the center of the sunny McDowell Valley in Mendocino County positioned between a river and a lake where it gets the benefit of sun all day but also receives the cooling effect of the chill water, lengthening the growth cycle to develop the full flavor set of a Rhône Viognier.

One of my principles was never to allow the soldiers to be idle, and to employ them in time of peace on useful works, such as the planting of vineyards in Gaul, and other districts, in order to restart the economy in these devastated lands.

Marcus Aurelius Probus (232–282)

Roman Emperor (276–282)

Probus himself planted chosen vines, believed to be Viognier, in the Northern Rhône, after having had the ground dug up by the hands of his soldiers.