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Support in Australia

GrapeGears Australia is located in Sydney NSW.

GrapeGears was created by father and son team Bill and Paul Williamson, both with deep technology backgrounds. Bill has founded three successful software startup companies managing them from concept to profitability. He has years of global experience in winery technology and the business of growing grapes, making wine and managing a growing wine sales and marketing operation called Williamson Wines.

In their first three years Williamson Wines grew from making two wines to thirty wines, all sold direct to consumer through cellar door and wine clubs. The downside was that the direct sales methodology created a more rapid rise of internal costs while retaining wine club customers demanded higher levels of customer service.

Their requirements outpaced typical software vendors who focused solely on parts of the overall solution and relied on "integration" with other systems to provide individual components to the overall solution.

Bill wanted a single, end-to-end solution platform to manage finished-case-goods through the sales and marketing process ending in total customer satisfaction.

Paul had fifteen years as a web applications developer and senior software engineer. Paul was running a global software consultancy out of Japan when Bill suggested they collaborate on developing a system for Williamson Wines that included responsive web site design, customer relationship management including customer segmentation, direct and social media marketing, inventory control, social media, POS, flexible wine club management, calendar and scheduling, financial integrity and overall performance reporting.

The overall high level requirements included:

  • Works anywhere, any time on any device without downloading apps or updates, etc.
  • No IT requirement for implementation, users, data storage, backup, system integrity or security.
  • No outside systems, software or user licenses.
  • Virtually no support requirements.
  • Works seamlessly across all connection and data transfer methods for internet and cellular data networks.
  • Complete data encryption, secure data transfer and backup.