Reserve Wines - Merlot Dominant

Saint-Émilion and its neighbor Pomerol are French wine growing appellations within the Libournais or Right Bank in Bordeaux where vineyards have existed since Roman times.

This area is responsible for some of the most prestigious, long-lived and expensive wines in the world such as Chateau Cheval Blanc, Chateau Petrus and Chateau Le Pin, all widely held to be equivalent to Left Bank Premier Cru wines.

Here Merlot is the dominant grape and plays a large part in making the wines rich, smooth and approachable at an early age. Cabernet Franc is also present, adding structure and an element of savory spice.

We already make a multi-gold medal winning Merlot from the Pétrus Clone 181 and a multi-gold medal winning Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc so why not use these to make a tribute to the Pomerol style wines of Pétrus and Cheval Blanc? So we did!