Shipment Frequency Options

We offer year-round, flat rate, ground and air shipping that ensures your order reaches you, protected by wine-specific packing materials that protect your shipment in transit.

Club shipments have traditionally been designed around holidays to avoid the summer months however recent developments in cool-packaging and refrigerated transport now make summer shipments feasible.

When are the Seasonal Shipments sent?

Regular shipments come in February, May, October and December or you can design your own special shipment schedule, e.g., Summer home/Winter home. We maintain a "weather-watch" so shipments may be slightly delayed if you are experiencing extreme weather conditions in your area.

As an alternative to shipping, you may elect to pick up your wines at our tasting room each quarter or twice yearly. Since the wines remain in our "wine-friendly" warehouse until collection, if you miss your pick up date the wines may be out of stock by the time you come to collect them. If this is the case we will substitute a different wine of similar variety and price to the original club shipment wine.

I live in a hot climate so how do you protect my wines from the heat while they are being shipped?

You may opt for our “Extreme Climates” option where instead of shipping four times each year we only ship in the moderate months of April and November.

If you would like wines shipped in summer anywhere we can include “cool packs” and either ship by 2-day air or temperature controlled refrigerated truck to ensure the wines arrive safely. More...

In either case you need to have someone over 21 to receive the wine. If there is any doubt about someone being home to receive the wine it may be preferable to have it shipped to an air-conditioned business office.

Alternatively, we will ship wine to any UPS Store within the United States where it is legal to do so. You simply register with a UPS store convenient to you and they will receive and hold your wine package in an air conditioned environment for you to collect at your leisure.

We always email you when we ship wine and include the carrier tracking number for you to track your wine shipment and see the exact delivery date.

May I select the wines for my Shipments?

Yes – you may choose a standard six-bottle delivery plan and a default color selection, for example, 6 bottles per quarter, all red.

Then select “Call Me” and we will call every quarter to tell you what wines are in this quarters regular shipment and give you the option to change the selection to your own choosing.

If you don’t respond to our calls and emails we will then simply ship this quarter’s surprise six wines of your original choice automatically.

Alternatively, you can request that all your shipments be a particular wine or wine style, for example "only Pinot Noir" or "only Bordeaux reds", etc.

Remember you can change your selection any time simply by sending us an email or via phone at 707-433-1500 between 9:00am and 5:00pm PST.