Returned Inventory

Once a wine leaves our inventory control it cannot be brought back for resale because we cannot guarantee it was handled correctly while it was out of our control.

When wine is shipped to a customer and returned due to non-delivery we return that wine to inventory but it is collected in a "pouring location" within the tasting room. When the tasting room staff open a bottle of wine for pouring they first taste it to ensure it has no defects.

When we receive a returned wine report from the shipper please follow this procedure.

  • Locate the original customer order and disable fulfilment - this will return the wine to inventory.
  • Open a new order for this customer and sell them a Returned Wine Non-Delivery Shipping Fee.
  • Set the price of this fee at twice (2x) the cost of Ground Shipping of the same number of wines to this customer. This covers the cost of return shipping and the cost of reshipping new wines to this customer.
  • Create a Stock Transfer to move the wines from PnS to 134 Matheson so the previously shipped wines may be used as pourers.
  • Locate the original customer order and enable fulfilment - this will reset the order for shipping with new wines.
  • Cut, paste and send the customer the following email.

Wine Shipment Return

We are fully licensed to ship wine to virtually every state. Over the past twenty years we have developed shipping strategies to tackle everything from confusing regulations to unpredictable weather. We make every attempt to see your wine arrives in great condition and we insure every shipment with our "satisfaction or replace" policy.

Delivery of alcohol requires an adult signature so when we ship your wine we send you three different emails.

  • Confirmation of your order
  • Confirmation of dispatch of your order from our shipping department
  • Confirmation of tracking number so you can check exactly when it will arrive

Unfortunately our carrier has made several attempts to deliver your wine recently but they have all failed so they sent the wine back to us. Once wine leaves our facility we cannot return it to inventory. It's actually your wine and it's just not fair to the next customer to receive a bottle that has been on a journey to your home and back, so we dispose of all returned wine.

We have your original order on file and once we determine a reliable delivery strategy we are happy to ship fresh wines to you. If you can't be home to sign for it we can ship it to a local UPS store where it waits in a wine-friendly, air-conditioned office for you to collect at your leisure.

In the meantime your credit card statement will show a Returned Wine Non-Delivery Shipping Fee which represents the cost of the return shipping and allows for free shipping of your wine at an appropriate future time when you have resolved your receiving issue.

Perhaps you are not receiving emails but if you do read this please let us know where and when you would like your wine shipped. If you need assistance with establishing a convenient UPS Store relationship we are happy to help.

We always look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Jenny 707-433-1500

  • Once the email is sent schedule a phone call to the customer for two weeks time from the email.

Bill - Notes ------------------------

Customer has a "good" reason for not receiving

Change "free" to no shipping Possibly send via FedEx

Note: The wine is already the customer's property, they just haven't take possession of it yet.