V2 Merlot 2018

V2 Merlot 2018

This wine is an experimental batch of 15 tons

Winemaker Notes

A bountiful year in the vineyard with heavier cluster formation, warm but not hot summer punctuated by rain at the end of September. 2018 was one of those growing years where everything was perfectly "normal" and the vines reacted by developing good quality fruit with heavier than expected tonnage yields despite our normal fruit thinning efforts.

Originally planted in 1990 using a Lyre trellis system chosen to offset over-growth in the rich valley floor soil because Lyre trained vines are less vigorous . Training the canopy in this fashion is also a reliable defense against mildew by exposing grapes to more wind and sun. Details Acres: 8.47 Grape Variety: Merlot Tons Available: 58.72 Appellation AVA: Dry Creek Valley Year Planted: 1990 Clone: 3 Rootstock: 5C Soil Type: Sandy clay loam over gravel Spacing: 8 x 7 Number of Vines: 3,844 Topography: Valley Floor Trellis Type: Lyre Estimated Tons/Acre: 6.93 Vineyard Manager: REVM Wine Sample Available: Yes The vineyard is drip-irrigated via a dedicated well producing ample water and supported by a full-engineered drainage system. The vineyard is entirely no-till with specially selected cover crops designed to return valuable nutrients to the soil. Canopy management and fruit thinning is a standard part of our farming practices.

StyleRed Bordeaux
AppellationDry Creek Valley
Harvest Date2018-09-29