Peppercorns Green for Mills

Peppercorns Green for Mills

All true pepper whether black, white, green or pink comes from the berries of a tropical evergreen vine. 

Black peppercorns are the green unripe peppercorns picked from the vine and dried in the sun. The natural enzymes in the outer husk (pericarp) of the peppercorns turn the green berries black on drying, forming the volatile oil piperine which gives black pepper its characteristic flavour. 

Green peppercorns are picked green and either put into brine or freeze-dried to prevent the enzyme reaction from turning the pericarp black. 

Fresh or brined green peppercorns are the most interesting from a gustatory point of view being mild, elegant and flavorful without being assertive. Green peppercorns in brine or vinegar should be rinsed in cold water before use.

Other Common Names: Black Pepper, White Pepper, Green Pepper, Pink Pepper. 

Botanical Name:  (Piper nigrum)

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Botanical Name(Piper nigrum)