Pecorino di Rocca

Pecorino di Rocca

Pecorino di Rocca is one of the best cheese of the Tuscan dairy tradition, made with pasteurized milk it has a sweet, mellow, balanced nature with an adorable texture.

It is made following secret and ancient artisan techniques, using fresh Italian pasteurized sheep's milk. It has a slightly grassy aroma, a sweet, nutty flavor, and a firm yet moist, crumbly texture.

The milky white semi-hard texture is matured for an appropriate time at the creamery, thus acquiring a distinctive sweet flavor. It delicately melts in one' s mouth and leaves a pleasant taste to the palate. The rind is treated with linseed oil or sometimes with bees' wax and is not edible.

A wedge cut from this roughly 5-pound wheel reveals a semi-firm interior, ivory to pale butter in color, with many small openings. The texture is brittle, even a little crumbly or curdy, reminding a little of Caerphilly, but if you let a piece warm on your tongue, that granularity gives way to creaminess.

The aroma is subtle, predominantly nutty, with no sheep-y scent. The salting is perfect, and a lingering tartness in the finish balances the sweet notes.

This cheese should be used within 180 days from the end of the ageing period when its typical characteristics are at their best.