Paprika Spanish (Mild)

Paprika Spanish (Mild)

The prince of paprikas, the sultan of spices.  A dark red paprika with a touch of sharpness. Good for Moroccan recipes. The flavor and aroma are deep, intense, sweet, spicy and smoky. It's become my secret ingredient for pasta sauces or omelettes. It magically transforms anything it touches.

Mild Paprika is dark red in color and has a slightly sharp, but not hot, edge to it. Mild Paprika is the best type for Moroccan and Middle Eastern cooking.

This paprika is not the relatively bland stuff you get at the local supermarket. It's more a cousin to traditional Hungarian paprika. What makes all of these varieties distinct is the deep smoky flavor they share.

This precious powder is indispensable for Spanish chorizo sausage, in pork dishes and any number of shrimp dishes and tapas. It adds the absolutely perfect taste of authenticity to paellas. It crosses into regular American cuisine as a seasoning for barbecue pork, kebabs, and rich beef and lamb stews. There is no substitute for its use in authentic Spanish cooking.


Health Benefits: Paprika is an excellent source of vitamin C, immune enhancing carotenoids, and a chockfull of antioxidants, including Vitamin E, which supports a youthful, bright and oxygenated complexion, and provides protection against free-radical formation.

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Botanical NameCapsicum annum