Mt. Tam

Mt. Tam

Actually named after Mt. Tamalpais, this is an elegant triple cream aged cheese made with fresh organic cow's milk from the Straus Family Dairy.

A smooth, creamy, elegant, triple-cream cheese, Mt Tam is firm, yet buttery with a mellow, earthy flavor reminiscent of cultured butter and just a (good) hint of white mushrooms so use this for a party, everyone is sure to enjoy it.

This cheese is best paired with a white wine such as our Frolic Viognier; together they will taste delicious. This combination of wine and cheese goes really well with fruit conserves or jams, so if you want to make a tasty snack, add a teaspoon of our fruity Apple Horseradish Jam

The rennet used to coagulate the pasteurized milk, separating it into curds and whey conforms to organic and vegetarian standards. Since it is made with vegetarian microbial rennet, it’s safe for vegetarians and vegans as long as they subscribe to eating milk products.

This triple-cream, washed rind, unctuous, aged cheese is named after a landmark local to the Marin Headlands, namely Mt. Tamalpais. The highest peak in the Marin Hills of Marin County, California and often considered symbolic of Marin County, the name originates from the Miwok Indian name for this mountain, támal pájis literally "west hill".