Mount Mazama

Mount Mazama

The epitome of umami, Mount Mazama is a crumbly cheddar cheese that blends goat milk with cow milk in a mild, creamy paste, nutty, fruity and mild with just a hint of goat tang.  

Made with a combination of cow and goats milks this cheddar showcases the best of both worlds: a thick texture, the flavor of sweet cream with a touch of tanginess from the cows, and caramel and nutty notes with a hint of acidity from the goats. The discovery of small crystals throughout the slightly crumbly paste will provide yet another level of textural variation and pleasure for the palette.

Mount Mazama has incredible depth of flavor. It is rich and creamy with remarkable nuances as a standalone cheese and adds something extra in the kitchen. 

Named after the volcanic mountain that became Crater Lake, Mount Mazama is a cheddar hailing from Rogue Creamery in Oregon. Featured in May, 2012 Cheese Club paired with Williamson Joy SAUVIGNON BLANC.

Sorry, this cheese is only available via special order

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