Mayor of Nye Beach

Mayor of Nye Beach

Made in one pound squares reminiscent of French farmhouse cheese, the Mayor of Nye Beach is washed with Rogue Brewing Company's "Dead Guy Ale" for a minimum of two months before aging. It has a big, pungent flavor with a bit of sweetness.

Mayor of Nye Beach is a firm goat cheese produced by Rivers Edge Chevre of Oregon with a scent that is woodsy with concentrated flavors of earthy mushroom and sea salt. It is washed in a local ale and aged for a minimum of 2 months before market.

A solid dry cheese, its interior paste is clear white darkening to bone at the rind. The cheese’s rind is bright orange with a tight grid pattern on its top and bottom surfaces.

Mayor of Nye Beach is a demanding cheese with a concentrated flavor in a tight dry package, enjoyable when the cheese is sliced paper thin to control the amount of salt. When eaten on its own, the cheese’s saltiness dominates and needs more balance. This cheese is best paired with a sweet food that counters its saltiness.

The cheese has a dry, almost brittle texture and will fracture when cutting so use a sharp knife. In the mouth, the cheese crumbles and becomes grainy. Paper thin slices reduce portion size so that the cheese’s saltiness does not overwhelm.

Featured in May, 2012 Cheese Club paired with Williamson Caress CUVÉE BLANC.  

Sorry, this cheese is only available via special order