Marco Polo

Marco Polo

This artisan cheese celebrates the great thirteenth century adventurer Marco Polo – credited with bringing pepper and other discoveries to Europe.

Created by blending lightly milled green and black Madagascar peppercorns into a creamy, semi-hard cow's milk cheese. This gives a uniquely robust, nutty flavor. Made with pasteurized milk this cheese is aged for 1 year.

Sweet and nutty with the dark and spicy notes from the peppercorn, but no one flavor ever overpowers the other. The rich and almost chocolatey nature of the cheddar is the perfect match for the spice of the peppercorn, and the already delectable texture of their cheddar is only highlighted by the occasional crunch. The aftertaste is one of a slight heat, peppery of course but deliciously so, and overall the cheese proves that flavors can be added without making the entire experience dull, heavy, and boring.

Featured in the May, 2012 Cheese Club paired with Williamson Ravish MÉLANGE.

Sorry, this cheese is only available via special order