Iberico is one of the best known and most purchased cheeses in Spain. Iberico cheese provides a trifecta of milk flavors combining the acidity of cow's milk, the sharpness of goat's milk and the intensity of sheep's milk for a unique, buttery flavor.

The combination of the three milks varies from season to season however the blend minimums are: cow milk 50%, goat milk 30% and sheep milk 10%.

In general the cows’ milk provides the flavor and acidity while the goats’ milk provides the slightly tart flavor and the whiter color and the sheep milk adds the richness and buttery consistency due to its higher fat content. With that said, the fact is that the higher the content of the sheep’s’ milk the better the cheese.

Iberico's flavor is herbaceous with a very mild goat tang that blends with the buttery sheep milk to produce a very comforting flavor and aroma. The interior paste has a light yellow white to slight beige color and a mild sheepy aroma. Once the aging process ends the cheeses are covered with a plastic outer rind that is inedible.

In Spain Iberico is usually used as a table cheese served with quince paste (membrillo) but it is also a great melting cheese so it can be used in many recipes. Here are a few suggestions: shred it in an omelet, slice into your favorite salads, melt it over pasta or potatoes and rice entrees. For a tapas serve it with Chorizo or Serrano ham and a hearty bread.

Sorry, this cheese is only available via special order

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