Heublumen "Hayflower" is coated with the various grasses that fall from the bales of hay in canton of St. Gallen and aged for four months. This raw organic cow's milk cheese's hay covering allows a light woodsy aroma to enter the paste, leaving the inside milky and delicate.

Once you taste this Heublumen cheese add a little of our Passion Pinot Noir and achieve pleasure on a higher level.

Before you devour this cheese, notice how perfect it is. The paste has a rich butter color, with no eyes, and an evenly thin band of darker paste just under the rind.

The perfect symmetry of this cheese speaks to watchful handling in the aging cellar in the same way as our Passion Pinot Noir enjoys a few years cellar ageing.

A Swiss creation made from organic raw cow's milk, this captivating wheel reflects the flowering of cheese making in recent years in the wake of Swiss deregulation.

For 75 years following World War I, the Swiss Cheese Union, a government organization, actively discouraged Swiss dairy farmers making any but the most traditional cheeses, such as Emmental and Gruyere. In the 1990s, the demise of the union and its subsidy structure freed Swiss cheesemakers to innovate. Heublumen is one delicious result.

The Stadelmann family that makes Heublumen used to sell its milk to the Tilsiter consortium. Now the family operates its own tiny creamery in the canton of St. Gallen, near the Austrian border, producing hard cheeses in the traditional copper vats.

The 14-pound Heublumen measuring about 14 inches in diameter, has a dense, semi-firm texture with the aging regimen for imparting a unique aromatic profile.

After pressing and brining, the young wheels are cloaked in hay and native grasses and matured for about four months, producing a natural rind with a fine, dry matting.

The herbaceous coating perfumes the interior, imparting the scent of alfalfa mingled with aromas of buttered biscuits and toasted almonds. The finish brings a wave of sweet cream, a perfect accompaniment to a Williamson Passion Pinot Noir.