Gaperon d'Auvergne

Gaperon d'Auvergne

Gaperon is a French cheese of the Auvergne region where it has been produced for over 1200 years. Gaperon is a cow's milk cheese flavored with cracked peppercorns and garlic. It has a fluffy coat and is shaped into a dome. The inside is ivory to pale yellow in color depending on the season. 

The original Gaperon was considered to be a low fat cheese, because it was traditionally made with the “babeurre”, this is the whey left over from making butter (buttermilk) which is naturally low in fat. 

In the local Auvergnat dialect, the word for buttermilk is "Gap". Customs have changed today and Gaperon is no longer made from buttermilk with most contemporary versions using only whole milk.  The fat content of the newer artisanal Gaperon is 30-45%.

The effect of this on the stages of affinage is really pronounced, developing a beautiful complex flavor starting under the skin and moving in toward the center. It is a raw milk cheese that is flavored with garlic and black and white peppercorns and cured in a ball shaped form.

In the old days Gaperon was hung from the kitchen beams to ripen however now it ripens in the fresh air for about 60 days before being sent to market.

Gaperon is available all year round with no particular best season, principally because of the pepper and garlic flavoring. The flavor is tart when the cheese is young and under-ripe. As it matures, it develops a soft and buttery consistency and an intense garlic and pepper flavor.

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