Fleur du Maquis

Fleur du Maquis

Fleur du Maquis is a square cheese with rounded corners and a desirable covering of wild herbs, peppers and juniper berries. When young, the cheese is mild, sweet and has a lemony taste. After some time of cave aging the flavor becomes sweet, aromatic and creamy.

Fleur du Maquis is made in Corsica from the milk of the Lacaune ewes.  During production, the small wheels are encrusted with rosemary, fennel seeds, juniper berries, and the occasional bird's eye chili. The cakey interior is supple and mild, while the increasingly creamy layer beneath the rind is quite aromatic.  

NOTE:  We do not recommend eating the rind as it often shows signs of mould, just scoop out the creamy cheese and enjoy. As you enjoy this cheese you might notice it ""bleeding" a soft cream, this is normal.

The cheese is called the "flower of the maquis" which is the French name for the Corsian landscape.  Birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, Corsica is an island which belongs to France, though it has a strong Italian atmosphere.

Sorry, this cheese is only available via special order