Coeur de Chevre  (Le Coeur)

Coeur de Chevre (Le Coeur)

Coeur de Chevre translates to Heart of Goat. An exquisite, soft-ripened, bloomy rind goat milk cheese made on a small farm in the French Pyrenees.

Coeur (heart) is a hand-molded, heart-shaped artisanal goat milk cheese, made daily, with fresh milk collected from a co-operative of farms in the surrounding region. The heart is molded and then refined for 7 days in the cellars. It is soft-ripened and displays a luscious, creamy consistency and can be eaten after just 12-15 days of ageing, but gets more intense after a few months.

Serve at room temperature with a chilled glass of FIZZ. As an appetizer, serve Le Coeur on hot toast or it can be included in a salad. As a dessert, serve warm drizzled with honey or strawberry jam.

Featured in Cheese Club February 2012 paired with Williamson Fizz Sparkling White Wine.

Sorry, this cheese is only available via special order