Chihuahua - Garlic

Chihuahua - Garlic

There’s a new cheese in town. One of Bellwether’s cheese makers is now making is his own line of cheeses.

Dacheva Son’s Cheese Company, located close to us in Petaluma, has one of the richest mozzarellas you’ll ever taste.

This sweet little creamery also has asiago, ricotta and a semi-hard grating cheese called Chihuahua, just like the little dog, both plain and seasoned.

We choose the semi-hard Mexican-style Chihuahua, made with raw Jersey milk and garlic, which has pleasingly nutty and garlic flavors to pair with our 2010 Amour Merlot.

Pronounced: (chi-wah-wah)

Sorry, this cheese is only available via special order