Capra Stanislaus

Capra Stanislaus

Stanislaus Capra, is a firm and dense goat cheese, aged a few months with a natural rind. During aging, the cheese is washed lightly in brine, bringing out both nutty and fruity flavors in the cheese. This cheese marries well with rich and fruity white wines, apricots and nectarines, dried or fresh.

There are not many remaining farmstead goat dairies in California, but Nicolau Farms in Modesto is producing some amazing farmstead goat cheese. Milking over 100 goats and 3 cows on over 125 acres, Walter and Elizabeth Nicolau use sustainable practice on their farm to ensure high quality milk and delicious cheese which pair exceptionally with our Caress Cuvée Blanc as well as our Joy Sauvignon Blanc.

Nicolau Farms Stanislaus Capra is a 100% All Natural.

Nicolau Farms raise their own livestock, grow all forage, and produce farmstead cheeses right on the farm.

The milk is sent directly from the milking barn to the cheese room where is stored and awaits the cheese making process.

They also follow the natural breeding season of the goats which means they take a few months off during the winter to rest and prepare for their new kids in the spring.

The family does not alter their high quality milk or cheese in any way and only use All Natural cures and remedies on their goats using no hormones, antibiotics or conventional medicines.

This All Natural wholesome milk is what makes Nicolau Farms finished product so delectable and delicious.