Benning Goat Gouda

Benning Goat Gouda

This popular, versatile cheese has a pleasantly mild, fresh taste and pure white color. Not at all what you would expect from a goat cheese because its taste is very mild compared to other goat cheeses.

The taste is distinctive & flavorful, yet mild and has a firm texture. Combines the light, fresh taste of goat's milk cheese with the smooth texture of cow's milk Gouda.

It is made from light, fresh pasteurized goats' milk, formed into the classic Gouda-style wheels and aged to give it great taste and a creamy smooth texture. It appeals to children as well as adults.

The cheese is made with milk from farms where the goats freely roam through all the growing seasons, benefiting from clean air, sunshine and fresh grass.

A hint of fresh organic garlic blended in this cheese is all it takes to turn this already popular cheese into an ideal cheese for making pizza, omelets, tortillas, pasta dishes and creamy cheese sauces.

Benning Goat Cheese is easy to melt, slice or grate. It makes great sandwiches, perfect for homemade pizza and delicious with fruit.


Crunchy Brochetta Appetizers

  1. Slice your brochetta loaf at an angle.
  2. Brush each piece with oilve oil.
  3. Toast the sliced brochetta in the oven until crunchy.
  4. Sprinkle on grated cheese.
  5. Top it off with a teaspoon of your favorite topping.