Ajowan Seed (whole)

Ajowan seed is also known as Ajwain seed and Carom.

These seeds are used in Asian cooking, breads, biscuits, savory pastries, and in bean dishes. Ajowan has a distinct 'thyme-like' flavor. 

Add to vegetable curries, steamed cabbage, carrots, potato and pumpkin. Use in slow-cooked dishes when the flavor of thyme and a slight peppery spiciness is wanted. Delicious in savory biscuits and pastries. 

Nutritional Information

Ajowan seeds are commonly used to ease and speed the digestive process. It is also considered a powerful anti-inflammatory wih antiseptic and antibacterial properties. A common practice is to boil 1 tbsp of the seeds in one cup of water for several minutes until liquid has been reduced to half and then strain, and drink.

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Botanical NameCarum ajowan