AACC Sparkling Shiraz Members Deal


They're are all down there and you're over here - taste a little something to bring back all those memories of summer in Oz.

Sip on a Sparkling Shiraz made right here in California by Australian winemaker Bill Williamson.

As you enjoy this little red, black and bubbly beauty all the best aspects of being an Australian overseas will drift through your mind - mateship, working business opportunities, cultural experiences and great events, everything that make us proud to represent our Australian heritage while we're over here.

Visually gorgeous, with bubbles foaming up a beautiful pink color over the dark red-black core of the wine. Bliss Sparkling Shiraz ensures that this very Australian style wine, nurtured by generations of winemakers is never lost.

Limited to three bottles at $65 each accepting this deal will send three bottles anywhere in the US with free shipping for the fixed price of $195.00 plus tax, if applicable.

Give it a go mate - share a shipment with your mates or introduce some yanks to a great little aussie beverage - it's the best deal under $200 bucks on the planet.