Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant, Events Management role is to support the General Manager and manage the retail presence and fulfillment of our Gourmet Food products as well as manage all the details required to establish and make our events successful and professionally executed.

Customer Service

All employees need to maintain a high level of customer service by following our published Customer Service guidelines.

Event Management

Events include Pickup Parties, Pig Roast, Lobster Feeds, Wine Days, Epicurean Dinners, etc. All requests for events are referred to Dawn Williamson for customer contact and final price, terms and conditions. The Product Manager is responsible for the successful setup, preparation and execution of each event.

Events ~ Concierge & RSVP Services

Booking an Event or Tasting

  • Responsible for taking requests for parties of 6 or more guests
  • Question customer and determine the viability of event . . .Tasting Prices
  • Once completed confirm the way forward with Dawn.
  • When approved, confirm the booking then create and send Event Contract

Manage all Event RSVPs

  • Events include:
    • Pig Roast
    • Lobster Lunch
    • Epicurean Dinners
    • Pickup Parties
    • Corporate Events
  • Procedure:
    • All names entered into GG and associated to the correct event.
    • Create name tags (when applicable).
    • Confirm all attendees via email.
    • Note all special requirements, food allergies, wine preferences, etc.
    • Ensure all billing for extra guests is correct.
    • Send “Thanks for Joining Us” email following events.

Gourmet Product Management

Gourmet Food Products include Jams, Jellies, Truffle Salt, Maps, Housewares, etc.

  • Ensure retail displays are fully stocked and index cards up to date.
  • Review inventory requirements and generate reorder requests.
  • Fulfill customer orders.
  • Perform inventory updates and generate reorder requests to purchase.
  • Labeling, boxing and shipping for customer orders
  • Take orders to USPS or UPS as appropriate
  • Handle booking GSO and UPS for all product pickups.
  • Maintain sufficient quantity of boxes, tape, tape gun, labels, tissue, ice packs, etc.
  • Identify requirements for red tissue, wine carry bags etc., and request an order

Spice Products Management

Herbie’s Spices offers food loving home cooks everyday and hard-to-find herbs and spices, all of the freshest and best quality from one central website, delivered quickly and easily to your own home via U.S. Post.

Amazon Spice Sales

  • Williamson Wines Amazon Relationship
  • Work cooperatively with Administrative staff
  • Manage the spice order processing for Amazon spice customers.
    • Review Amazon orders daily.
    • Enter all customer details into GrapeGears.
    • Pack, label and ship Amazon orders daily.
    • Send standard customer response email and telephone customer to advise delivery method and ETA.
  • Update our Amazon product descriptions.
  • Work with Amazon to find ways of marketing more spices via Amazon.
  • Overview the Amazon program to ensure whole process is maintained.

Increasing Spice Sales Revenue

  • Identify restaurant opportunities for sales of Herbies spice products.
  • Develop repeat customers for Kilo bags of spices.
  • Maintain a GG list of repeat spice customers and market to them effectively.
Tasting Rooms
  • Train Tasting Room Associates in presenting the spice/food combos.
  • Review spice display in tasting rooms for best effect.

Spice Product Management

  • Create the Herbies spice order every two weeks and review with Dawn.
  • Manage the Spice Club in conjunction with Dawn.
  • Develop new markets for spice products, e.g., health benefits, natural foods, etc.
  • Work with Bill to review spice pricing and restock thresholds.
  • Manage Spice inventory and ordering process to reduce wastage and promote sales.