Legacy Wines & Artisan Flavors

A step up from the "Fridge Foods" tasting, this is a private, seated tasting where you and your friends will enjoy a larger range of our Legacy wines, each paired perfectly with appetizer size food plates.

Winemaker's Legacy Selection

Legacy Wines are small batches of handcrafted wines produced in quantities of less than 500 cases and almost all are taken by our wine club members. 

For your Legacy tasting our winemaker selects approximately six wines and our chef pairs them with unique food tastes. Your tasting session is led by one of our hospitality staff.  

Our winemaker and chef will often stop by so this is a fun and informative session which will add to your ability to enjoy wine and food.

Making a Legacy Tasting Reservation

To reserve your Legacy Tasting simply call or email us:

You will be asked for your credit card details to secure your reservation time.

Please be sure to bring a fresh, receptive palate. In order to make your experience as pleasurable as possible we will also ask if any of your party have special food needs, allergies, vegan, vegetarian, or a preference against any particular food groups.

If God forbade drinking, would He have made wine so good?

Cardinal Richeleu