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A discussion with Bill Williamson.

We believe that the judge of our wines should be you, the consumer. When you select our wines you are voting with your taste buds and credit card and that's the best win we can achieve.

We produce small batches of single vineyard, single varietal wines that are all taken by our wine club so we no longer enter them in competition.

In the beginning however, we did enter our wines in the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, the largest American wine competition and the Sonoma County Harvest Fair Wine Competition where all our talented neighbors show their best wines.

For a small unknown winery with no distribution and no advertising, our wines were left to speak for themselves and they said a lot . . .

San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, with over 6,000 wines being judged, is the largest competition of American wines in the world.

Sonoma County Harvest Fair Wine Competition

More than 2,000 wines using Sonoma County Grapes are entered annually in Sonoma County Fair’s Professional Wine Competition culminating in The Harvest Fair Awards Night Gala as the finale of the largest regional wine competition in the nation.

Wine Blogs and Social Networks

Read dozens of independent reviews of our Tasting Room experience on Yelp and Trip Advisor. With more than 500 five-star reviews your experience with our people, wines and foods is the best! See direct links to follow us at the bottom of every page.

Wine Blogs

Customer Accolades

The best awards we can possibly receive are from you, our customers. We have literately hundreds of emails telling us how our wine made a dinner party a success, what fun was had using our wine and foods in a tasting with friends, or how someone celebrated a very special event with our wines. We never tire of reading emails like these so please feel free to share how our wines played a part in your happiness. email us right now!

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Discussion with Bill Williamson

People usually have to stick their necks out to earn accolades, and this is as it should be.

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