Adore Rosé

Adore is a deliciously dry, pale pink Provence-style Rosé with a subtle aroma, light body and savory finish, extremely versatile and food friendly.

After being in the summer vineyards all day, to come back to the house, gather on the veranda and join the family around the table adorned by some meats, cheese, fresh bread and several bottles of chilled rose is just the best way to celebrate a glorious afternoon. Rose evokes the pleasures of a lifestyle, take a moment, pour some wine and enjoy life.

Adore is a delicate, dry wine which we first produced in 2005. Everybody loved it and we quickly sold out receiving hundreds of requests to "Bring back the Rosé!" So we did!

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Food Pairing ~ Adore Rosé

Extremely light in color our Provençal Adore Rosé has wonderful delicate aromas and Pinot Noir inspired flavors with a little touch of Grenache spice.

Light-bodied, Adore is best enjoyed chilled like a white wine. It has a beautiful firm acidity and finishes with a wonderful dryness, making it a great match for savory food. It goes as well with a summer day as it does with charcuterie, salads, light pastas, fresh fruit, or cold appetizers such as potato or pasta salads. Here's a few suggestions:

  • pâtés, pasta & risotto
  • marinated olives, pissaladies, sun dried tomatoes and salmon or chili pork tenderloin. 
  • popcorn, butter and our Truffle Salt while watching the game or an old movie. 
  • At brunch, scrambled egg with smoked salmon or Quiche Lorraine.  
  • As a first course, try a 50/50 blend of Rosé and champagne (Fizz, naturally) to accompany oysters or a recipe like our Aussie Seafood Salad  

Antipasto, salads or even with pasta with a little mushroom, sun dried tomatoes, garlic and butter tossed with Truffle salt and pepper.   Try with seafood aioli, fried oysters with chipolte, prosciutto baguette, chicken couscous and lamb braised in Indian spices. Maybe a fresh goat cheese salad or a festive crab feed.
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Cheese Pairing ~ Adore Rosé
Soft goat cheese has an acidic, tangy flavor that pairs well with rosé so try our Herbes de Humboldt or our Redwood Hill - Aged Goat Cheddar.

Tangy, salty feta is a nice match with the zippy acidity in rosé as are creamy, rich Italian cheese has a blend of three kinds of milk—goat, sheep, and cow so try our La Tur from Italy's Piedmont region.

Swiss cheeses like our Aged Swiss Gruyere 1655 have a dense and creamy texture and intense flavor that will benefit from a touch of rosé in the glass. With all these cheeses serve olives,​ hummus, or cured meats on the side.
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Serving ~ Adore Rosé
  • Serving Temperature:    45°F- 50°F
  • Glass Type:    Riedel - White
  • Decant:    No
  • Age:    Up to 3 years
  • Pronunciation:    a-door ros-aay

Romantic Name ~ Adore Rosé

Adore - from the Latin adōrāre - to admire with honor and respect, to love.

Rosé - In French the word rose means pink. It also refers to the rose, the primary flower of romance, but when a simple accent is added it becomes Rosé one of the world's most adored wines.

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