Adore Rosé

Adore is a deliciously dry, pale pink Provence-style Rosé with a subtle aroma, light body and savory finish, extremely versatile and food friendly.

Williamson Adore Rosé ®

Rich in color Adore has wonderful delicate aromas and fine Pinot Noir inspired flavors with a little touch of Grenache spice. It has a round, rich mouth feel due to the time spent in neutral French oak barrels where it is allowed to micro-oxygenate for about eleven months.

Light-bodied,Adore is best enjoyed chilled like a white wine. It has a beautiful firm acidity and finishes with a wonderful dryness, making it a great match for savory food.

Adore Rosé - The Name ®

Adore - from the Latin adōrāre - to admire with honor and respect, to love.

Rosé - In French the word rose means pink. It also refers to the rose, the primary flower of romance, but when a simple accent is added it becomes Rosé one of the world's most adored wines.

Adore Rosé - The Wine

Adore is a delicate, dry wine, produced by fermenting more juice on less skins but for the full time of fermentation. Unlike the normal "bleeding the vats" where some of the pink juice from the Pinot Noir must is removed at an early stage and to produce a blush wine this wine is fermented expressly to become a flavorful rosé wine.

Adore Rosé - The Food

Adore shows nice soft aroma, perhaps with a hint of rose petals. Cool, crisp and dry in the mouth with a refreshing finish it calls out for foods having the following characteristics.

  • Texture – Soft to Medium
  • Flavor - Single, somewhat earthy flavors
  • Spice – Low spice content
  • Loves – Stone Fruit

Perfect paired with pasta with a little mushroom, sun dried tomatoes, garlic and butter tossed with Truffle salt and pepper.   Try with seafood aioli, fried oysters with chipolte, prosciutto baguette, chicken couscous and lamb braised in Indian spices. Maybe a fresh goat cheese salad or a festive crab feed. More . . .  

About Adore Rosé

In 2005 we produced our first Rosé wine. Everybody loved it and we quickly sold out. Since then we have received hundreds of requests to "Bring back the Rosé!"

The color of a wine is extracted from the grape skins during fermentation. Many Rosé wines are made using a method known as sangee (sen-yay), a French word meaning "to bleed". Once the grape skins separate from the juice they rise to the top of the tank to form a "cap" and must be "punched down" to mix with the juice so the red color can be extracted.

At this stage most Rosé producers open a valve at the bottom of the tank and "bleed" off some of the juice to complete fermentation in another tank without the skins. This saignee method of Rosé production is often a byproduct of increasing color intensity in red wines by fermenting less juice with more skin contact.

Just like some of the top Rosé producers in the south of France, we are not in favor of the "bleed" process and prefer to ferment red grapes for Adore as we would a prized white wine. Here the grapes are whole cluster pressed directly into a ferment tank, avoiding skin maceration and produced as a delicate pink wine.

Watch Adore Rose . . .

The sophisticated pink hue of Adore Rosé hides a pleasant surprise! This is a great, food-friendly wine.