Other Wine Club Questions

We will only ship you our Legacy Wines, no substitutes, no unknown or second brands, etc. If we choose to include one of our Icon Wines in your shipment we will reduce its price so you will not pay any more than you expected.

You can change your club shipment quantity and varietal levels at any time and if you ever have a problem with any wine in a shipment we will replace it, no questions, no cost. It’s that simple!

You get the picture. As long as it’s legal, we’ll bend over backward to make sure you can enjoy our wines as part of our wine club family.

How do I get the Recipes?

The recipes refer to the "Surprise Me" wines selected for each shipment. Recipes are emailed about two weeks after each shipment and are posted on our Recipe section in the Members Club section of the web site where your can look up any of our recipes that pair with any of our wines.

How much does a club membership cost?

There is no fee to join Williamson Wines Club. Your credit card will only be charged for wine at the time of shipping. We cannot invoice for shipments and we can only accept personal checks which will be cleared in advance of shipment.

Do I also get my Club price on wines I buy at the Tasting Room or orders on the web site?

Yes - Club Members automatically receive their same Club discount on wines ordered at our Tasting Room or from the Shop on this website in addition to their regular shipment.

What if I buy an extra case of wine?

If you have been a 3 bottles per quarter club member for over one year, as a reward for your loyalty, we will provide the two case discount of 20% on any case of wine purchased at any one time.

Can I purchase Icon or Library Wines at my Club price?

Yes - Simply order Icon Wines from this web site under Shop or email or call our Club Concierge on 707-433-1500.

How do I find out about special events?

An annual schedule of events is provided under Events on this web site. We also email our Wine Club Members with each shipment and in advance of each upcoming event.

What if I don't pickup my wine or cheese?

We make multiple attempts to contact you via email and phone. If we cannot contact you after 30 days your wine and cheese are returned to inventory. If you finally contact us you will be given a credit for the original wine against current vintages. With cheese however we purchased it for you and it has a very limited shelf life so we have to dispose of it and no credit is available.