OP-Staff Scheduling

Staff schedules are preset for the month in advance by each functional manager for each of their direct-reporting staff and submitted to Dawn for approval one week prior to the new month.

Schedules are entered into the GrapeGears Calendar by each functional manager, namely:

  • 134 Tasting Room Staff Schedule - Kyle
  • 18 Tasting Room Staff Schedule - Adam
  • Kitchen Staff Schedule - Tommy

An individual calendar entry should be made by each manager for every day in the upcoming month, resulting in three calendar entries per day.

The Event Name should be as outlined above, for example, "Kitchen Staff Schedule". The Event Type is Notice and the Visibility is Private. The Hour defaults to 01.

Any abnormal times should be highlighted, for example staff absences, vacation days, etc., as well as any anticipated overtime due to upcoming events within the next month.

Once these entries have been made Dawn will review and, in the event she foresees issues, she will contact the appropriate manager to clarify any anomalies.

Event Scheduling

Epicurean Dinners at the Ranch require two kitchen staff and two tasting room staff. For the day of the dinner the staff should be scheduled to start later in the day than normal since they will finish later than normal, for example instead of working from 11 am to 7 pm they should work from 2 pm to 10 pm.