Gourmet Foods

Sometimes even gourmets crave a simple protein like meat, poultry or seafood and often they need a little lift so we teamed up with a national expert to develop a range of incredible jams, jellies and mustard, using organically grown, gluten free, natural ingredients and pure spices and we made sure they paired perfectly with our wines.

Gourmet Foods may simply be considered fine food and wine, while the term Gourmet often refers to an individual with refined taste, knowledgeable in the art of food and its presentation.

Our Gourmet Foods are high-quality premium condiments available to make the flavor of everyday food products more diverse, wine-friendly and easy to prepare. Using our gourmet condiments permits the coupling of great flavor with healthy eating. Review our Gourmet Foods . . .

Jams, Jellies & Mustard

Dawn & Bill have coupled their longstanding belief that normal, everyday meals should taste good and be good for you. Today's busy world pushes people to foods that are quick to prepare, often using the same main ingredients time and time again.

Our desire was to provide delicious, gourmet products using the finest ingredients available worldwide creating distinctive sauces, mustard, jams and jellies that are delicious right out of the jar. When used in recipes they quickly and easily enhance normal dishes to provide better taste and variety.

Our artisanal jam and mustard products are all natural and gluten free. Our gourmet mustard flavors will make your sandwiches zing while our jams and jellies provide the perfect combination of sweet, spicy and savory people not only love, but find essential in their kitchen.

Truffle Salt

Many dishes, from pâté to popcorn come alive when you add the robust, earthy flavor of black truffles. Our Truffle Salt is the ultimate way to enjoy the flavor of black truffle because each guest can use just enough for their individual taste.

Imported from Italy sealed in individual jars for ultimate freshness and long lasting use. Williamson Wines Truffle Salt is Adriatic Sea Salt mixed with dried, finely chopped Black Truffles harvested from the Abruzzi region of Italy.

Warning - there are many substitutes both as salt and oil - don't be fooled by false promises or low prices - we have been providing our Italian Truffle Salt for over ten years and have never found its equal.

About Gourmet

The meaning of the word Gourmet has evolved throughout the centuries. The word Gourmet is derived from an old French term for a servant that works with wine. The French are known for their love of foods, and word Gourmet often is tied to French cuisine particularly in relation to their cheese and wine.