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Positions Currently Available

Bookkeeper / Accountant / Financial Controller

WILLIAMSON WINES is looking for a full-time person to manage the bookkeeping and financial management of our busy winery operations.

Our office facilities are modern, air-conditioned and located in downtown Healdsburg with parking provided. Medical and employer-contributed 401(k) plans are included after normal qualifying period.

Duties include working with our owner and outside CPA firm to manage payables, contracts, produce financial, tax and compliance reports and assist in preparation of quarterly financial statements.

Applicant should have:

  • Formal education in accounting or a related field,
  • Five or more years employment in a financial management position,
  • Good written and verbal communications skills
  • High level of experience using QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.
  • The ability to manage electronic banking and financial transactions.
Applicant may occasionally be required to assist other office staff answering phones and speaking with customers and vendors.

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Tasting Room Sales Associate

Duties of the Tasting Room Associate include greeting customers, conducting wine and food tastings with the ability to explain each of our wine and food products.

Applicant needs to understand and successfully communicate the benefits of our various club memberships and to be available to serve wine and food at our events. The Tasting Room Associate is an hourly employee and may be required to work on some weekend days.

Applicant should have:

  • good verbal communications skills
  • outgoing personality
  • the ability to interact socially with people of all ages and backgrounds
  • the physical ability to lift and carry a case of wine weighing 50+ pounds.
Prior tasting room experience is not necessarily a requirement but a background in retail or wine and food service may be an advantage.

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Winery Line Cook/Dishwasher

The Winery Line Cook/Dishwasher reports to the winery chef. Duties include preparing and plating food, cutting large wheels of cheese to order and general kitchen cleaning.

Applicant needs to take direction well with a positive “can-do” attitude; be organized and work efficiently while still paying attention to detail; to work as part of a small close knit team; to execute simple plated dishes and to show a willingness to step in wherever needed.

Applicant should have:

  • a clean, neat and professional appearance
  • a current Serve Safe certificate
  • the physical ability to lift and carry a case of wine weighing 50+ pounds
  • be able to stand for extended periods of time
  • Available to work weekends, both Saturday and Sunday
This is a fulltime position with an hourly salary in line with experience. Medical and employer-contributed 401(k) plans are included after normal qualifying period.

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Our customers appreciate dealing with happy, knowledgeable people so we provide an attractive set of benefits that encourage and assist our employees to do a stellar job.

  • Our facilities are modern, air-conditioned and located in safe areas.
  • Most positions are full -time, 8 hours per day five days each week.
  • All staff receive two ten-minute breaks and a thirty-minute lunch break every day.
  • Pay is directly deposited into employees bank accounts every two weeks.
  • New employees receive initial off-site classroom training
  • Weekly staff meetings provide employee participation in the business.
  • All employees receive regular performance reviews.
  • Tasting Room staff receive tips and gratuities via the POS system.
  • Qualified employees may elect to have medical coverage via Kaiser or Sutter plans.
  • Operating guidelines are published on the employee web site.
  • Employees receive a minimum 3% of salary bonus annually after qualifying.
  • Make pre-tax savings investments in a managed 401(k) retirement plan.
  • Regular training covers products, customers and job updates.
  • Non-discriminatory hiring and advancement practices are observed.
  • On-Line Policy & Procedures Manuals maintain your rights as a California employee.


We observe non-discriminatory hiring practices and require all applicants to be of good character with a solid background of experience in their particular job function. Generally all positions are full-time, with above-average compensation, medical plan and employer contributed 401K plan after qualifying period.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens or have a current work visa with a valid SSN; must hold a current California driver’s license and be free of DUI for at least five years.

Notable Exceptions

This is a business where alcohol is contained within our products and opening and tasting our products is normal everyday practice. We require all employees to ensure that their judgement and performance at work are never impaired by alcohol so we apply a zero tolerance to alcohol consumption in the workplace. Employees may however purchase our products at a discount for their own off-premise use out of work hours. If you have a problem abstaining from alcohol then perhaps a winery or tasting room is the wrong place for you to work.

Smoking has been banned in all enclosed workplaces in California, including bars, restaurants and tasting rooms. Smoking is not permitted outside of of a tasting room within 20 feet of the entrance . Further, as a rule we do not allow smoking of cigarettes e-cigarettes, vape bars, tobacco-less cigarettes, pot and similar products within 20 feet of our property boundary. If you have a problem abstaining from smoking then perhaps California is the wrong place for you to work