Day Tripper

Enjoy two extreme sensory pleasures all in the one day. The total freedom found in helicopter flight is something everyone should experience. Then the unbelievable experience of finding a suite of exceptional wines presented by knowledgeable, friendly staff in an idyllic setting that is Healdsburg.

30 Minutes over Healdsburg

Depart from Sonoma County Airport for a scenic helicopter flight above Healdsburg and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes. Many wineries, vineyards are not open to the public and their beautiful properties are only visible from above.

After your flight a short drive takes you into the delightfully quaint town of Healdsburg arriving at Williamson Wines. Here you will hear the stories of Dawn and Bill Williamson, subjects of the book "Way Beyond Wine" who came to this area from Australia almost thirty years ago to grow grapes and make wine.

A part of our "Day Tripper" Tour you will enjoy a tasting of multiple wines all paired with individual food dishes prepared by our winery chef. You will experience first hand how wine interacts with the food to reveal the layers of flavor within.

After lunch take a stroll around the Healdsburg Plaza, shop a little, enjoy a coffee, perhaps taste more wines. Take pleasure in this wonderful lifestyle and eclectic culture.

Call 707-433-1500 or email for details

"The helicopter approaches closer than any other vehicle to fulfillment of mankind's ancient dream of the flying horse, and the magic carpet"

Igor Sikorsky.

1889 – 1972

Designer of the first viable American helicopter