Entice Cuvée

We use the name Cuvée for our second Bordeaux blend. The word Cuvée is used throughout the French wine community and generally means “a special blend of wine” that winemakers believe to be among their finest.

Williamson Entice Cuvée

As you approach this Gold Medal winning Cuvée its Cabernet Franc nose comes up at you from the glass with youthful aromas of fresh coffee grounds and black fruits. The Cabernet Sauvignon component shows lovely fruit immediately evident on entry with wonderful textures, massive yet soft and luscious, but backed up by supple tannins and correct acidity giving this wine perfect balance. The texture is fresh with vigorous style and a silky finish. A delightful, well-bred wine with a paradoxically enticing manner of managing strong peppery spices in foods drawing out the true essence of the primary food flavor.

About Entice Cuvée [fr: a blend / us: meritage]

Using steak as a metaphor to describe the power scale of food and wine, Merlot equates to Filet Mignon, Cabernet Franc to Skirt Steak, Cabernet Sauvignon to New York or T-Bone and Malbec to Rib-Eye.

In the center of this scale is a middle ground with foods too soft for Cabernet Sauvignon and too complex or robust for Merlot. We needed to create a wine especially for these foods of which there were four categories, namely:

  • Allure MERITAGE - Foods with soft texture, soft, complex flavors and a low spice level
  • Clarissa VIN ROUGE - Foods with hard texture, soft flavor or soft texture, hard flavors and a medium spice level
  • Entice CUVÉE - Foods with either hard or soft texture, hard flavors and a high spice level
  • Ravish MÉLANGE - Foods with soft texture with hard flavors and a medium spice level

Foods like peppered salami, Steak au poivre, lemon peppered chicken, etc., with either a hard or soft texture, hard flavors and a high spice level are too spicy for Merlot or Cabernet. These foods need a hearty, complex wine that will manage the spice pepper so we created Entice Cuvée.

Pairing Foods with Entice Cuvée

Entice shows rich flavors of plums, blackberry and vanilla with a very short finish on its own. It will work best paired with foods having the following characteristics.

  • Texture – Soft to hard
  • Flavor - Hard flavors
  • Spice – High spice content
  • Loves – Black Pepper

Perfect paired with grilled foods and spicy foods involving black pepper like peppered salami, Steak au poivre, lemon peppered chicken, pepperoni pizza, as well as Indian and Southern US hot foods. More . . .

Background of Entice Cuvée

Cuvée is a French wine term derived from cuve, meaning vat or tank. The term is used with several different meanings, most notably;

  • On wine labels of discerning producers to denote wine of a special blend or selected vats of higher quality.
  • In some regions, the term cuvée is used to specifically indicate a blend, i.e., a wine produced from a mixture of several grape varieties, rather than a varietal wine.
  • In Champagne and sometimes in other regions producing sparkling wines by the traditional method, the cuvée also refers to the best grape juice from gentle pressing of the grapes.

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