Culinary Services-Chef Utilization

How many chefs does it take? This is a overview presented in "chef days" - a somewhat exaggerated estimate of the number of days a chef would be involved in producing the culinary services for each type of event.


Easy to obtain ingredients; able to be prepared in an apartment kitchen; less than an hour prep and cook time; work perfectly with the wine.

  • Development for tastings - 46 wines - Need easy to reproduce and plate for tasting rooms
  • Development for club wines - 24 wines - Able to produce for pickup parties
  • Test, evaluate, video


Each cheese is paired with a wine in our quarterly wine club shipment,
  • Selection process, working with vendors, cheese distributors and creameries.
  • Evaluate and select 24 cheeses
  • Order, receive, cut, wrap, pack, dispatch cheese packs
  • Prepare cheese packs for Pickup Parties
  • Produce cheese for Tasting Rooms for tasting and sale


  • Private events ~ 24
  • Wine day lunches ~ 10
  • Recipe & cheese focus group lunches ~ 48
  • Spice lunches ~ 5
  • Epicurean Dinner at 235 ~ 15
  • Epicurean Dinner at Ranch ~ 12
  • Pig Roast – August ~ 1
  • Lobster Feast – September ~ 1
  • Pickup Parties ~ 120


  • Total Events = 236
    • Total Event Days = 176
    • Average Event days per week = 3.5
    • Assume each event day needs a prep day = 7 event days/week
  • Total Recipe Development = 70 Recipes
    • Average Recipe days per week = 1.4
    • Assume each event day needs a prep day = 3 event days/week
  • Tastings
    • 60 covers/day at 3 sessions/day = 1 event day, i.e. = 7 event days/week

Average chef days per week for recipes, events & tastings = 17 days/week
Working 5 days per week this indicates we need at least 4 chefs

Pre-Event Review

We do not want to have our culinary team stressed so we only accept events that use our foods, wines and we can actually deliver the services required.

  • How – How many of our resources will it take to execute
  • Why– Why do it - will it result in wine club memberships
  • What – What kind of event – does it fit within our standards
  • Who – Who is the member and how many guests
  • Where – Where will it take place 132; 134; 18; 235 or Barn
  • When – When can we devote the time
We also do not want to have to reject an event opportunity due to lack of resources!

Winery Chefs

Two Strong Chefs to cooperatively develop and manage our culinary team.
  • Kyle + Anne
  • Chris + Allie
  • Plus 1-2 new Line Chefs
  • Kyle – Wed & Thursday off
  • Anne – Mon & Tues off

Kitchens – General Use

  • Food production for Tasting Rooms and Pickup Parties – 235 Kitchen
  • Plating food for Tasting delivery – 18 Kitchen
  • Ranch Epicurean Dinners and Events – Ranch Kitchen
  • Everyone cleans and runs the dishwashers
  • Everyone has some customer contact

Recipe Creation

  • Dawn will advise on next six quarterly wines
  • Suggestions from each chef as to cheese, spices and recipes
  • Dawn will select first cut for review
  • Order cheese samples and create recipe prototypes
  • First taste test cheese & recipes - Dawn, Bill and Chefs
  • Second taste test cheese & recipes – Dawn, Bill and Customer Focus Group Event

235 Epicurean Kitchen

As a fully licensed restaurant Epicurean Kitchen takes on many roles with equal focus on food as well as wine.

We already have several uses planned and suggestions from customers but this the domain of our chefs so we welcome their input as well input from all other staff members.

  • Any of the tastings listed at Bill's Cellar may be enjoyed over lunch here. The food portion of each flight is doubled and the guests are free to linger over the experience.
  • On Wednesdays we offer a lunch to celebrate each wine's day and other special days during the year such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.
  • Thursday and Friday from 4:00 to 6:30 pm we offer Wine Hour. Wine club members and new check-ins referred by our hotel partners get two tasting pour size wines at no charge. Then all pours are $5 per glass and complimentary hors d’oeuvres will be served.
  • We are offering a four-course Boutique Epicurean Dinner for wine club members and guests and this may also be offered to guests of select partner hotels.