Commitment to Excellence

A Message for our Employees

In creating this business our vision was to produce limited lots of iconic wines recognized for their flavor, quality and consistency. Then to share and enjoy this limited bounty with a group of friends via our wine club.

Collectively we have made an important decision. We have decided you can contribute to our success, and you've decided that ours is the organization where you can pursue your career productively and enjoyably.

We believe we've each made the right decision, one that will result in a win-win relationship. The minute you start working here, you become an integral part of our business and its future. Every job in our company is important, and you will play a key role in our continued growth and development.

Our success is based on delivering high quality products and providing unsurpassed customer service. How do we do it? By working hard and thinking about our customers' needs. We do it by treating each other and our customers with respect. We do it by acting as a team and along the way we always try to make it fun.

What follows are our policies and procedures governing your employment and benefits, as well as our operating procedures. Please feel free to discuss them with your our HR Manager or Dawn Williamson.


Dawn & Bill Williamson