Wine, cheese and chocolate symbolize exquisite taste, celebration, romance and health. We recognized there were food products that required the same fine raw material and quality production methodology as we use in our wine making.

Just like fine wine, fine quality chocolate is created in small batches, painstakingly made, without preservatives and artificial flavors, from the very best, pure ingredients. The quality of fine chocolate only comes by adhering to time-honored recipes and unerring attention to the details of the handmade process.

Only a limited number of chocolatiers have the mix of attitude and performance which contributes to the production of superlative handmade chocolate and we searched for several years to find the right partner just as dedicated as we are to a quality result.

Our Chocolatier graduated from Ecole Chocolate in Belgium, earning the title of Master Chocolatier. He is one of a handful of chocolatiers who make artisan candy using the rare and deeply flavored chocolate with Fortunato Nacional No. 4, which is made from rare white beans that grow on cacao trees in the Maranon Valley, high in the mountains of Peru.

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Special Dietary Needs

We also have dairy free, gluten free and vegan chocolates so if you have a friend who cannot eat regular chocolates you can order from our selection of special dietary needs chocolates.