2020 Fire & Smoke Survival

26th Aug 2020 @ 09:23 by Bill

Good News!

Thanks to our valiant firefighters we have come through the 2020 wine country fires, our tastings rooms are open and we have been really fortunate in the vineyards.

With fifteen vineyards located across four counties our vineyard planting diversity has saved our 2020 grape crop from potential smoke taint.

Our Dry Creek Valley vineyards located on the valley floor have not been exposed to heavy smoke as much as hillside vineyards in locations such as the Rockpile near Lake Sonoma.

In spite of their mountain side locations in Napa our Pritchard Hill and Atlas Peak vineyards were also below the smoke line and show no signs of being effected while our Sonoma Mountain, Mendocino and Red Hills vineyards saw no smoke and are ripening naturally.

Prior to harvest this year we will have our labs test each vineyard block for guaiacol and 4-methyl guaiacol, chemicals that taint the wine with a smoke flavor. In the past we have effectively managed our vintages to eliminate these chemicals prior to fermentation so, if present, we know how to separate and remove them.

The result is that our 2020 vintages will still be the high quality, natural wines you have come to expect from us.