Inspired Hamburger

15th Feb 2011 @ 05:17 by Bill

One of our February Recipes was the "Inspired Hamburger" paired with our Inspire Cabernet Sauvignon. The recipe calls for a whole bottle of our Amour Merlot, reduced and incorporated within the meat patties. This is without doubt the best hamburger ever, albeit the most expensive. We received this email from Stephanie, one of our Wine Club Members.

Subject: February 2011 ~ Wine Club Recipes

I write this email still on my "Food High" from the Inspire Burgers. My husband and I have truly enjoyed being members of your wine club. Eagerly we wait after every shipment for the recipes to follow. The February shipment was no different. I  must admit, I was reluctant to use a whole bottle of wine for the sauce and I may have shed a slight tear as I watched it bubble down to its reduction. However, after the first bight I would gladly make the sacrifice again. I am a mid-west girl, so I'd like to think I know a thing or two about red meat, especially burgers. But I must admit, the Inspire Burgers were unparalleled to any other burger I have ever tasted. I decided to serve Garlic Fries as an accompaniment to pay tribute to one of our favorites eateries in your neck of the woods, Taylor's/Gotts Automatic Refresher. The Inspire 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, with its soft tannins, deep cherries taste helped to balance out my over-the-top garlic side dish. It enhanced the Irish Cheddar, stood up to the buttery meat, and danced playfully along side the focaccia.  I would love to tell you more but I have one more glass of the Inspire and as you well know it truly deserves my full attention. Cheers and thanks for the wonderful recipes! . . . Stephanie

Thanks Stephanie. I am pleased you enjoyed the burger recipe so much. I am enclosing a replacement bottle of Merlot in your next shipment, with my complements. . . Bill