Heritage Shiraz and Kangaroo Steak in Oz

3rd Nov 2011 @ 01:56 by Bill

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From: Mark S
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Subject: Bottle of Heritage Shiraz 2007!!

Wow! - Last year we travelled to USA for a month and specifically travelled to Williamson in Healdsburg because of recommendation from family!

Wow! We loved our tasting experience at the Cellar Door.... So much so we bought a bottle home in our luggage... All the way to Oz!!

It's taken a year to find the right occasion to drink it ... And tonight was it...... Kangaroo for my wife and Chicken Scallopini for me.... Wonderful... Every bite

Mark S

Thanks Mark - It's a great treat to have our Shiraz praised in Australia, the land of Shiraz! It's also good to know that it pairs well with Chicken Scallopini and of course . . Kangaroo . . Yum! - Bill