February 2015 Wine Club Newsletter

1st Feb 2015 @ 10:42 by Bill

WOW - February came around quickly !

As usual, Dawn went and entered our new wines in the world's largest competition for American wines. She didn't mess around entering twenty of our new 2013 whites and Pinots and 2012 reds, even though I thought they needed more bottle time. Well, she was right again because we came away with twenty medals.

The wines, bottled last August, are about ready to taste now so here are the wines we have selected for your February shipment. Based on your wine preferences we have selected three of these six wine alternatives. (Just click on any of the wines, recipes or cheeses for more detail)

White Wines

Frolic Viognier 2013

Caress Cuvée Blanc 2013

Relish Roussanne 2012

Red Wines

Amour Merlot 2012

Seduce Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Entice Cuvée 2012

February Pickup Parties

Local and visiting Club Members are invited to one of the Pickup Parties held every Sunday in February so if you are coming RSVP please.

As usual, Wine Club Members and partner are complimentary and guests are $25 each, charged to your card to confirm your reservation. The parties are always well attended - I guess it has something to do with the great food and wine - so we are unable to admit anyone without a reservation. Let us know which party you will attend and who is coming with you - email Jen here

Want to have us bring a Wine Event to your Area?

We recently sent out an event schedule for 2015 but if you would like us to come do an event in your area contact Tyler or Kyle. They are both great golfers and would love to put together an Epicurean Dinner at your local golf club featuring our wines in collaboration with your club chef so email here . . ..

Enjoy your February wine shipment and look forward to lots of news and events over the next few months.

Dawn & Bill Williamson