Williamson Cheese Club Selections

21st Apr 2011 @ 07:55 by Bill

These are the cheeses selected to pair with the wines from our February, April and May club shipments

Meredith Dairy Marinated Cheese - Pairs with 2009 Joy Sauvignon Blanc

Meredith Dairy produces true traditional farmhouse sheep and goats milk cheese of world class quality. Soft textured cubes of cheese are drenched in garlic infused extra virgin olive oil along with fresh herbs and spices. The dairy is located in Australia on the eastern edge of Victoria's western district where the free range flocks graze naturally in the fields.

Bellwether Carmody Cheese - Pairs with 2007 Entice Cuvée

Carmody is a very mild but creamy cheese that has a great deal of fresh milk flavor. Naturally golden in color with a smooth texture and wonderful flavor, Carmody is made from Jersey cow milk and aged at least 6 weeks.

English Huntsman - Pairs with 2009 Passion Pinot Noir

English Huntsman is a combination of double Gloucester cheese with alternating layers of Stilton blue cheese. The Stilton cheese is an English blue cheese that is made from the whole milk of cows and then aged from four to five months, becoming more flavorful with age. Crumbly, Stilton is rich and creamy with a light tangy nutty flavor.

Colston Bassett Stilton - Pairs with 2008 Indulge Cabernet Sauvignon

Stilton is smooth and creamy with distinctive blue veins which become more strongly defined as the cheese matures, Blue Stilton has deep and complex flavors enjoyed by cheese lovers worldwide.

Gouda with Cloves - Pairs with 2009 Frolic Viognier

Gouda Clove is also known in Holland as Friesian Clove cheese. The aromatic Clove spices work together wonderfully with the slightly sweet and nutty flavor of the Gouda, giving it a little kick with a delicious after-taste that pairs perfectly with the Williamson Wines 2009 Frolic Viognier.

Burning Nettle Gouda - Pairs with 2009 Amoureux Chardonnay

Seasonal Burning Nettle Melange Gouda is a smooth, creamy cheese with a slightly sweet, nutty flavor that becomes more complex as it ages. A special mixture of all-natural herbs are specially balanced to enhance the flavor of the Gouda while not tending to overpower.