Decanting, Serving & Tasting Wine

Decanting, tasting and serving wine are the last steps on the wine's journey from soil to glass. So many people have done so much work to grow, ferment, age and deliver this bottle of wine to you. You must now take the wine to its final step, to be enjoyed by you and your friends.

Decanting Wine

Opening a bottle of red wine to let the wine "breathe" for an hour before serving can allow any stale aromas to dissipate and permit the wine to come up to room temperature.

Serving Wine

Hosting a dinner party? Need to know the correct serving temperature for a wine, which stemware to use or how to correctly clean it when you are finished? Here's some help to make your event a success.

Tasting Wine

We recently searched Google on the subject of tasting wine. Within a quarter of a second we received over 15 million hits. Apparently there are a lot of opinions about how to taste wine, here is ours . . .